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Autism and the Crystal Baby: Passover Begins Again………. Our Autistic sons

15 Apr

Autism and Passover

Autism and the Crystal Baby: Why my house? Autism and Passover

15 Apr

Autism and Passover

Autism and the Crystal Baby: another Autism Melt Down

13 Apr

autisn, autism melt down, melt down

Autism and the Crystal Baby: the green grass between his toes..

19 Mar

the green grass between his toes..
Lately, as warmer weather approaches, Phoenix takes his shoes off and tickles his toes in the green grass. as the world turns and turns again, I found our family in sunny Florida last month at an outside memorial service. the St Augustine grass in Florida is like beautiful soft green carpet. I could not keep Phoenix’s Shoes on. All he wanted to do was to be in the grass. I guess, he needed to ground and recharge, but he did it his way. I didnt have to do a thing. there he is was with his shoes off laying in the grass. he then stood up and looked at me and then he looked to the sky, and said to me “Mommy I love the grass and I love the Sky.”
I said to Him “I know”

Autism and the Crystal Baby: is it to late

7 Feb

Strange articles: Clash Of The Deities, Or Perhaps Here Be Aliens

20 Oct

ancient, ancient astronauts, deities, demigods, gods, medusa, mythical, titans, zeus

Strange articles: Were Gods Aliens?

20 Oct

Were Gods Aliens?

Strange articles: Controlling Your Dreams – Things to Do While Lucid Dreaming

20 Oct

Controlling Your Dreams, lucid dreaming, Meditation and Lucid Dreaming, strange articles

Autism Articles: Keep Autism at Bay – Precautions That Pregnant Women Must Take

20 Oct

autism and pregnancy, autism and pregnant, Precautions autism pregnancy

Children, Autism, and Violence: Inception of Monstrous Behaviors

20 Oct

aggressive behavior, and Violence, autism, autism articles, behaviors, children, violent behaviors