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Psychic Predictions for 2012

13 Jan


Year of the Dragon 2012

10 Jan


Psychic Predictions 2012: Social Unrest and Flood Prediction

6 Dec


Are All End Of The World Predictions Pointing Towards 2012?

21 Oct

It is a known fact that a majority of the end of the world predictions these days are pointing towards the 21st of December, 2012. Our current world on the planet Earth is expected to come to an end on that day. Regarding the events on 12.21.12, a lot of people across the globe have speculated different scenarios. Apart from the speculations there are also several prophecies pointing towards that day as well.
It is the Mayan calendar that serves as a source for all the rumors regarding the actual date of the end of the world, as December 21, 2012. This predictions is believed to be absurd by a lot of people since it was centuries ago that the Mayan civilization ceased to exist. Astronomy and mathematics were the two incredible skills possessed by the Mayans.
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Alcatraz Haunting – Exposing the Ghosts of a Haunted Prison

11 Oct

Alcatraz is the home of something unexplainable; perhaps only the word “ghost” could describe the strange happening in and around Alcatraz. From times immemorial, the Native Americans used to avoid the place because they believed that it was haunted by evil spirits. see more..

Surviving 2012 in Unsinkable Boats

8 Oct

If in 2012 you choose to endure the forthcoming tidal waves and hurricanes at sea, you absolutely need to have an unsinkable boat at your disposal. But the boat shouldn’t only ‘not sink’, it should not capsize either. Consulting boating experts, chances are that a large ship will become uncontrollable, break up and sink. The message is to use small boats instead of large ones.
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2012 AD and Beyond: Unlock Your Intuition – The Power of the Pendulum

1 Oct

2012 AD and Beyond: Unlock Your Intuition – The Power of the Pendulum