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Autism Articles: Importance of Early Detection of Autism Signs

30 Nov


Autism Articles: Autism Intervention

27 Nov


Autism and the Crystal Baby: School for Early Crystals

10 Nov

Phoenix has been enjoying his Early Childhood class. He has been so excited to get to school lately. he runs to his classroom every morning.
I enjoy seeing the typical children as well as the special needs children. There is a grand mix of children in this years Early Childhood class.
The Early Childhood Class should be called School for Early Crystals.
Another crystal has appeared in the class. and Phoenix Found this one. A girl. She is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. the biggest clue of this crystal child, she has giant light blue eyes.
Phoenix grabbed this little girl’s hand during playtime Outside, and ran with her to the bench, so, she would sit with him. Phoenix rarely plays with the other children. This was a Huge moment for Phoenix. I do not know what they could have been talking about. but, they were holding hands sitting on the bench.
Then Phoenix, pushed her to the ground and ran away.
Why did he have to push her down, when he had done, so, well communic

Autism and the Crystal Baby: those Shoes have Heels

2 Nov

very curious a crystal child is.
anything new, they wish to observe, quietly, they stare. and sometimes they make a quick move.

I went to pick my autistic crystal up from his early childhood class. everyday, his teachers give me the run down on his behavior, his triumphs, and failures of the day.
this particular day, Phoenix was still napping. and it took me a while to wake him up.
his teacher finished with the other students and came over to talk to me.
she started speaking with a giggle, “we had a volunteer helper from the high school today and she was wearing stiletto four inch heels” and Phoenix was curious so very curious.
first the volunteer went outside to the playground and those heels were sinking into the playground with every step she made Phoenix was at her feet. Phoenix was curious, why was her high heels going into the ground. the volunteer then realized maybe she should take those high heels off. then Phoenix really was thrown off. you are suppose to have on shoes when

Early Intervention With Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

31 Oct

Autism has leads parents to worry any signs of abnormality to their children. Symptoms such as not playing with other children, lack or no communication, being behind the development grid, and odd physical behaviors like toe walking can cause parents to contact the child’s pediatrician. Sometimes these are just paranoia to the lifelong disability, other times it can lead to immediate intervention and positive outcome. The disorder diagnosis is usually done after symptoms of autism spectrum.
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