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Autism Articles: How to Create an Optimal Learning Environment for Your Child with Autism

18 Oct

Understanding the way your child’s brain works is crucial to being able to provide an optimal learning environment. Below is a brief overview of some of the research about the brains of people with autism. Then you’ll find easy, practical ways to implement this knowledge and create an optimal learning environment at home
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What is Alexa Ranking, How Does It Affect You & How Do You Improve Your Ranking?

17 Oct

Alexa.com defines themselves as “the web information company,” but to webmasters and bloggers, they are so much more. Essentially, Alexa is a company that measures web traffic on almost every website on the internet through their increasingly popular toolbar plugin. This becomes an important element in leveraging your blog’s ranking as a sell point to advertisers, sponsors, buyers, readers and whoever else wants a piece of your material.
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2012 AD and Beyond: Mounts in Palmistry

16 Oct

The mounts in palmistry are quite influential to determine the character indications and success in life of an individual. The important lines of palmistry are formed due to the presence of the mounts. The mounts are named according to the planets of the solar system. The most district and developed mount of an individual would indicate the qualities and the shortcomings that are associated with the planet that the mount represents. The following are certain indications on the personality and the speculations of the destiny of an individual in accordance with the attributes related to each of the planets.

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Ancient Greece of Delphi

16 Oct

The fame and power of Delphi was based on its oracle, which was one of the oldest in Greece. Nearly all ancient authors mention it at some point, or record some story or incident relating to it. Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to believe that we possess all the information we would wish to have, of all the details we consider necessary, concerning the procedure of divination at Delphi. A great many problems remain unsolved and numerous questions have not yet found an answer. We shall try, therefore, to set down as briefly as possible the results of recent research into the methods of divination at the Delphi oracle.
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Controversial Causes of Autism

7 Oct


2012 AD and Beyond: Spooky Legends of Ireland

2 Oct

Ah, the Irish! The original storytellers, they have a rich tradition of myths and legends to share with the rest of the world. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day (and because I am married to an Irishman!) I dedicate this article to Ireland’s wonderful legends.

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