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Facts About Autism Treatment

6 Jan


Autism Articles: An Enigma Called Autism – Its Causes and Cures

30 Nov


Autism Articles: How To Stop Echolalia In Autistic Children

17 Oct

Echolalia is a repetition of some form of dialogue that the Autistic child has heard. It can be repeated immediately or in can be repeated per verbatim at a later stage.
An example of immediate echolalia would be when someone asks the child “how are you?” and the child repeats “how are you?”
This can include complete dialogues that the Autistic child has heard from a conversation or a movie or radio broadcast.
It may not have a meaning to them at the time but they just repeat it. see more….

Autism Articles: What Is HFA – High Functioning Autism?

14 Oct

The term, ‘High-Functioning Autism’, also called HFA, applies to people suffering from autism, who also register an IQ of 80 or above. People with HFA also have a clear ability to speak, read and write. Hence, people diagnosed with HFA might actually have normal or even above-average intelligence on the whole and might not at all seem that cognitively challenged at all.

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Autism Articles: Gluten Free Casein Free Diet For Autism

27 Sep

Autism Articles: Gluten Free Casein Free Diet For Autism