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Autism Articles: Selective Mutism Or Autism?

26 Nov

My daughter was diagnosed with autism in May 2008. For several months after getting the diagnosis I had a very hard time believing it. Many people told me it can be very difficult to accept your child is autistic but the quicker you accept it, the better off your daughter will be. I decided to go ahead and start the therapy path suggested to me but I continued to feel my daughter’s diagnosis may be wrong.

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Children With Autism Have Varying Degrees With Their Senses?

1 Oct

What senses are shown to be strong? For example: Is touch, smell, noises, watching various objects, because of the color or movements, appear to be a strength? What is your child expressing with these varying degrees of senses? Does bright or flickering lights, create another area that your child might be expressing for his or her senses?

Autism Articles: Gluten Free Casein Free Diet For Autism

27 Sep

Autism Articles: Gluten Free Casein Free Diet For Autism

Autism Articles: How Music Therapy Helps In Treating Autism

26 Sep

Autism Articles: How Music Therapy Helps In Treating Autism

Autism treatments diet

24 Sep

There are a lot of things that you want to avoid when using diet as an autism treatment tool for your child. But there are also a lot of things that you want to put in their diet, that can help ameliorate some of the symptoms and help them cognitively and behaviorally.