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Year of the Dragon 2012

10 Jan


: Signs of Autism in Infants and Toddlers

11 Dec


Autism Articles: Importance of Early Detection of Autism Signs

30 Nov


Autism Articles: An Enigma Called Autism – Its Causes and Cures

30 Nov


EZ ways 2 get Traffic to Your Website and SEO Tips: 3 Reasons Why Tagging Your Website Is Important

25 Nov

Internet Marketing, there are two types of tags that are extremely important to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website: Meta Tags and HTML Tags. Website owners often ask, “What’s so important about tagging my website?” There’s only one good answer: Everything. Your ranking will depend in large part on the tagging that controls your web site behind the scenes.
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EZ ways 2 get Traffic to Your Website and SEO Tips: Web Directory Basics, Submissions, And The Free Directory Submitter

25 Nov

Internet directory submission is not a complicated process; in fact, it is based upon a simple rule of thumb. People who surf the web have permission to an enormous amount of wisdom nonetheless, if the information on the net were not organized in a few way or another, it would be literally impossible to find what their searching for. This is why directories are so important.

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Organic SEO: Learn the Basics

4 Nov


2012 AD and Beyond: Abracadabra

4 Nov

This word holds us in fascination. It seems
to evoke a magical effect when spoken. The
dictionary defines it as a word of magical

Where is the origin of this word? Some
believe it is connected with Abraxas. He is
painted as a demon with snakes for feet.
Since the 2nd century, Abraxas was believed
to be a god who wards off evil. His symbol
was used in rings, bracelets, and gems.

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Saint Joseph of Cupertino – The Flying Saint

25 Oct


Are All End Of The World Predictions Pointing Towards 2012?

21 Oct

It is a known fact that a majority of the end of the world predictions these days are pointing towards the 21st of December, 2012. Our current world on the planet Earth is expected to come to an end on that day. Regarding the events on 12.21.12, a lot of people across the globe have speculated different scenarios. Apart from the speculations there are also several prophecies pointing towards that day as well.
It is the Mayan calendar that serves as a source for all the rumors regarding the actual date of the end of the world, as December 21, 2012. This predictions is believed to be absurd by a lot of people since it was centuries ago that the Mayan civilization ceased to exist. Astronomy and mathematics were the two incredible skills possessed by the Mayans.
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