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ABA Training and the Autistic Child

13 Jan


Autism Articles: Parenting Tips – What is Applied Behavioral Analysis and Can it Treat My Child With Autism?

27 Nov


Autism Articles: The History of Applied Behavior Analysis

8 Nov

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is the most common and most recommended treatment method for children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Designed to allow children to achieve their maximum potential by teaching them critical thinking and learning skills as well as social skills, ABA is a well researched and refined method of treatment that has garnered the recommendation of many of the worldís most renowned autism researchers. Something few people are aware of, however, is the rich history of ABA and how much research has been put into the therapy in the last fifty years.

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Autism Articles: What Is HFA – High Functioning Autism?

14 Oct

The term, ‘High-Functioning Autism’, also called HFA, applies to people suffering from autism, who also register an IQ of 80 or above. People with HFA also have a clear ability to speak, read and write. Hence, people diagnosed with HFA might actually have normal or even above-average intelligence on the whole and might not at all seem that cognitively challenged at all.

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