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Lucky Feng Shui Gems, Crystals and Minerals for Snake Year 2013-14

24 Dec

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Coming Wave of Autistic and Asperger’s Syndrome Adults

18 Dec

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How to Understand the Anger and Rage in People With Autism

18 Dec

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2012 AD and Beyond: Feng Shui Aromatherapy

18 Dec

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How Feng Shui Predictions Are Made for 2013

18 Dec

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Advantages of Using SEO Directory Submissions

18 Dec

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Strategies to Deal With My ASD Child Who Isn’t Interested in the Holidays

18 Dec

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Nostradamus 2012 Prediction – Did Nostradamus Predict the 2012 Doomsday?

17 Dec

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Autism Symptoms and Tips

14 Dec

Autism Symptoms and Tips Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders. Autism can begin as soon as the child is born, this is Infantile autism . Autism can also present itself as Childhood disintegrative disorder. This ASD disorder is the scariest type of Autism . Imagine your typical three year old, he will appear to be developing normally. Talking to you, playing with other children,hugging you .Then like a thief in the night you watch your child slip away. The child loses his abilities in areas such as language, play, and bowel control and has impaired social interaction and communication. Rett syndrome affects one in every 10,000 to 15,000 live female births. usually the girl child is diagnosed with autism first.

Heart of a Champion – Working With Autistic and Disabled Individuals

13 Dec

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