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Autism and Educational Effects

13 Jan


Dental Sedation and Autism

10 Jan


Autism Articles: Helping Your ASD Child Survive A Sensory Sensitive Holiday

18 Dec


Autistic Children And Holidays – How You Can Make It The Best Holiday Yet

14 Dec


2012 AD and Beyond: Jesus VS Horus

6 Nov

Throughout the internet there are circulations that draw parallel accounts between many gods. One of the most popular comparisons is made between Jesus of Christianity and Horus of Egypt. Some may refute that Christianity is a “recycled myth” borrowed from earlier. Anyone can be entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts. It is very important to investigate each claim thoroughly with careful examination, scholarly credibility, and historical evidence before assuming any stand. So let’s cross examine each character and their attributes in order to see if Jesus was in fact a carbon copy of Horus. But first thing is first, we must conduct a background summary between the 2.

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Autism Articles: The Relationship Between Music and Autism – Understanding the Benefits

24 Oct

Parents of autistic children can find searching out suitable treatment options can become a never-ending struggle. Indeed, the hardest part can often be figuring out which new treatments are the most effective, and which are merely speculative. With regards to music and autism, it is widely agreed that music is a great tool for treating autistic children, and can also help in the diagnostic phase.

Ghost Seance and Ghost Hunting iPhone Apps – The Real Deal or Silly Toys?

13 Oct

Ghost Radar, Phantom Radar, Ghost Detector, Ovilus and Ghost Hunter are amongst a group of novelty apps disguised as real working ghost hunting tools. Supposedly, most of these type of application rely an EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) meter to detect ghosts. Some of these applications scan the area for anomalies and display their findings as blips of color on a radar screen. The apps also claim to enable spirits to manipulate and translate frequencies into words which periodically appear on the screen.

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