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Autism and Educational Effects

13 Jan


ABA Training and the Autistic Child

13 Jan


Facts About Autism Treatment

6 Jan


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12 Dec


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30 Nov


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27 Nov


Autism Articles: Selective Mutism Or Autism?

26 Nov

My daughter was diagnosed with autism in May 2008. For several months after getting the diagnosis I had a very hard time believing it. Many people told me it can be very difficult to accept your child is autistic but the quicker you accept it, the better off your daughter will be. I decided to go ahead and start the therapy path suggested to me but I continued to feel my daughter’s diagnosis may be wrong.

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Nature Helps in Autism Therapy Techniques and Treatments

25 Oct

Nature Therapy is a current therapy designed to complement other therapies for children with autism. In addition to speech therapies, as well as physical and occupational therapies, activities in nature promote healing properties. Natural environments are filled with resources for sensory exploration.
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Autism Articles: The Relationship Between Music and Autism – Understanding the Benefits

24 Oct

Parents of autistic children can find searching out suitable treatment options can become a never-ending struggle. Indeed, the hardest part can often be figuring out which new treatments are the most effective, and which are merely speculative. With regards to music and autism, it is widely agreed that music is a great tool for treating autistic children, and can also help in the diagnostic phase.

Autism Articles: How Music Therapy Helps In Treating Autism

26 Sep

Autism Articles: How Music Therapy Helps In Treating Autism