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2012 AD and Beyond: The Origin of April Fool’s Day

31 Mar

april fools day, The Origin of April Fool’s Day

2012 AD and Beyond: The Top Five Most Popular Patron Saint Medals

31 Mar

Patron Saint Medals

Descendants of Queen Victoria

31 Mar

Descendants of Queen Victoria, Queen Victoria

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31 Mar

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Autism Articles: Autism As a Long-Term Disability

30 Mar

autism, long-term disability, social security

Autism Articles Foods for Picky Eaters and Children With Sensory Issues

27 Mar

Children With Sensory Issues, Foods for Picky Eaters, sensory, Sensory Issues, textures

2012 AD and Beyond

27 Mar

2012 explores different ideas regarding 2012. the end of the world, polar shifts, mayan maya calendar. discover other ideas from astrology, reincarnation, crystal children, indigo children. and many other open minded articles.

Zombies Through the History

27 Mar

Zombies ,The Zombies Through the History,

2012 AD and Beyond: Is Voodoo a Religion of Egypt?

27 Mar

voodoo, Religion of Egypt,

2012 AD and Beyond: The Origins of Voodoo

27 Mar

Haiti Voodoo History, The Origins of Voodoo