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ABA Training and the Autistic Child

13 Jan


Autism Articles: Helping Your ASD Child Survive A Sensory Sensitive Holiday

18 Dec


Autism Articles: Therapy For Autism Options Are Diverse and Careful Consideration of Each is Important

12 Dec


Autism Articles: Autism and Behavior Challenges In School

6 Dec


Autism Articles: The History of Applied Behavior Analysis

8 Nov

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is the most common and most recommended treatment method for children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Designed to allow children to achieve their maximum potential by teaching them critical thinking and learning skills as well as social skills, ABA is a well researched and refined method of treatment that has garnered the recommendation of many of the worldís most renowned autism researchers. Something few people are aware of, however, is the rich history of ABA and how much research has been put into the therapy in the last fifty years.

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Early Intervention With Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

31 Oct

Autism has leads parents to worry any signs of abnormality to their children. Symptoms such as not playing with other children, lack or no communication, being behind the development grid, and odd physical behaviors like toe walking can cause parents to contact the child’s pediatrician. Sometimes these are just paranoia to the lifelong disability, other times it can lead to immediate intervention and positive outcome. The disorder diagnosis is usually done after symptoms of autism spectrum.
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