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Autism and the Crystal Baby: Passover Begins Again………. Our Autistic sons

15 Apr

Autism and Passover

Autism and the Crystal Baby: Why my house? Autism and Passover

15 Apr

Autism and Passover

Autism and the Crystal Baby: another Autism Melt Down

13 Apr

autisn, autism melt down, melt down

Autism and the Crystal Baby: the green grass between his toes..

19 Mar

the green grass between his toes..
Lately, as warmer weather approaches, Phoenix takes his shoes off and tickles his toes in the green grass. as the world turns and turns again, I found our family in sunny Florida last month at an outside memorial service. the St Augustine grass in Florida is like beautiful soft green carpet. I could not keep Phoenix’s Shoes on. All he wanted to do was to be in the grass. I guess, he needed to ground and recharge, but he did it his way. I didnt have to do a thing. there he is was with his shoes off laying in the grass. he then stood up and looked at me and then he looked to the sky, and said to me “Mommy I love the grass and I love the Sky.”
I said to Him “I know”

Autism and the Crystal Baby: is it to late

7 Feb


Children, Autism, and Violence: Inception of Monstrous Behaviors

20 Oct

aggressive behavior, and Violence, autism, autism articles, behaviors, children, violent behaviors

Autism and the Crystal Baby: Autism, a Crystal, and The Blue Lady

7 Jul

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Autism, a Crystal, and The Blue Lady
it has been a struggle lately, my Phoenix is 18 months old and has been put under a microscope by the medical community. he simply decided he didnt want to talk, nothing no mama dada, nothing.
Phoenix can communicate with me through other ways though, i actually call him my little orca whale, because he loves to sing, and he sounds just like an orca…
but none the less, i was told he possibly couldnt hear and that’s why he couldnt talk. which this scared the living daylights out of me, geez, the hearing test was done, and he can hear, praise the gods,, my Phoenix simply has a speech delay, one of the characteristics of crystal children, but also a characteristic of autism.
now, Phoenix’s doctor has him under the help me grow program, where the state gets involved with Phoenix’s speech delay. the social workers involved with Phoenix actually come to my home, to visit with him. and i still have the autism paperwork, which

Autism and the Crystal Baby: the Self Made Vegetarian

2 Jul

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Autism Articles: Finding a Dentist for Special Needs Kids

16 Jan


Raising Children With High Functioning Autism

13 Jan