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Autism Articles: Helping Your ASD Child Survive A Sensory Sensitive Holiday

18 Dec


Autistic Journey Down Sensory Lane

6 Nov

Often we seem to get so caught up in the everyday caring for the basic needs of autistic children that we forget they like to just have fun. There are some wonderful activities and games that serve the purpose of providing therapeutic value, improving motor skills, developing sensory stimulation and encouraging social interaction. Playing selective games with autistic children can provide all of these important benefits, and at the same time add a happy outlook toward life. Parents gain a better understanding of their child’s needs through these activities.
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Autism Articles: Is My Baby Autistic? Tips to Help You Answer This Question

20 Oct

This is the most common question that parents ask whenever they notice odd behaviors from their children. A lot of people assume that if their child fails to talk at the age or 2 or 3, he is autistic. This is a big misconception. There are numerous reasons as to why speech might be delayed in toddlers, and a lot of other reasons why some children are not hitting their milestones, but sadly, autism is one of them. It is comforting to know though, that talking late in toddlers does not automatically mean that your child is autistic.

Autism is a disorder that lasts a lifetime. It is referred to as a developmental disorder because symptoms normally manifest before a child reaches the age of 3 which is a critical period of development. It then causes concerns in the child’s development, learning and growth
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Children With Autism Have Varying Degrees With Their Senses?

1 Oct

What senses are shown to be strong? For example: Is touch, smell, noises, watching various objects, because of the color or movements, appear to be a strength? What is your child expressing with these varying degrees of senses? Does bright or flickering lights, create another area that your child might be expressing for his or her senses?