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Autism Articles: Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Research Shows That Your Child Could Be at Risk

2 Dec


Autism Articles: Autism and Music Therapy

26 Nov


Autism and the Crystal Baby: chomp chomp

12 Oct


Autism Articles: Can Acupuncture Affect Autism?

10 Oct

Acupuncture is a holistic approach in treating and preventing certain diseases. While still considered “strange” in Western eyes, it’s been around for centuries and has been practiced for decades in the US. It uses very thin needles that are inserted into targeted points in the body.

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Controversial Causes of Autism

7 Oct


Turning Common Interactions Into Meaningful Social Skill Lessons for a Child With Autism

2 Oct

Turning Common Interactions Into Meaningful Social Skill Lessons for a Child With Autism

Children With Autism Have Varying Degrees With Their Senses?

1 Oct

What senses are shown to be strong? For example: Is touch, smell, noises, watching various objects, because of the color or movements, appear to be a strength? What is your child expressing with these varying degrees of senses? Does bright or flickering lights, create another area that your child might be expressing for his or her senses?

Coping With Overwhelm As a Parent of a Child With Autism

29 Sep

Coping With Overwhelm As a Parent of a Child With Autism

iTherapy – Emerging Autism Therapy

29 Sep

iTherapy – Emerging Autism Therapy

Dinosaurs and Their Appeal to Children on the Autism Spectrum

28 Sep

Autism is a life-long, debilitating condition that affects a surprising number of people. Research from the National Autistic Society suggests that as many as half a million people in the UK have some form of Autism or have a related condition such as Asperger Syndrome.see more